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Terms of Sales


These general conditions of sale apply to all services offered by the BeKite Lacanau school. By purchasing a service from BeKite, I declare that I have read, understood and accepted these conditions and I undertake to respect them.


Reservation requests are made by email at  or else

by phone or SMS on 06 80 50 45 78.

They will only be recorded after receipt of:

- the registration form (French version / English version),

- AFKITE insurance membership,

- the deposit provided for in the tariff conditions.

The dates scheduled for the course(s) are given for information only. As this is an outdoor activity, the conditions of which depend on the weather, these dates are only indicative, pending reconfirmation.

The time and place of appointment are specified by text message the day before or the morning of D-Day.

Some days may prove to be totally unsuitable for kiteboarding, leading to cancellation or outright postponement of the session to another date.


The courses are organized as follows:

- Welcoming and equipping students

- Departure briefing

- Progress of the course

- Debriefing and payment of the balance

In order for your session to take place in the best conditions of comfort, we advise you to take the following equipment with you:

-Sunglasses with cord / Sunscreen / Water bottle


Kitesurfing is an activity whose practice takes place both on land and in water and which calls on mental and physical abilities. As a result, several prerequisites are required to book a service:

ー Know how to swim at least 50 meters (the certificate is compulsory for minors).
ー Weigh at least 40kg (necessary for the triggering of safety systems for kitesurfing activity)
ー Present a certificate of no contraindication to the practice of kitesurfing valid (less than 3 months) for people over 60 years old.
ー Present parental authorization for minors.

During the session, the student agrees to respect the instructions and practice areas given by the instructor, for his safety and that of others. Failure to comply with the instructions may lead the instructor to exclude a student from the course, without refund.​


The prices indicated in our price list include, in addition to the
teaching / supervision service as such:  

- The provision of equipment (wing, bar, board)

- Personal protective equipment (suit, harness / vest / helmet / radio)

They do not understand :

- Liability insurance

For courses (from 3 sessions) a deposit worth one session (120/140€) is required.

For installment payments, the methods of payment accepted are: bank transfer, check.

For other payments, the methods of payment accepted are: cash, check, instant transfer, credit card.



Participation in the kitesurfing activity implies an obligation for the practitioner to have Civil Liability covering the practice.

Participants in our courses must make all necessary arrangements for personal insurance. Kitesurfing is a so-called "specific environment" activity very often excluded from classic insurance contracts as long as they are not formally included in writing by the insurers.

The RC (Civil Liability) is mandatory for the practice of kitesurfing. It is intended to cover the risks that you may cause others to incur following an involuntary maneuver that would cause damage to third parties.

The provision of a certificate of civil liability insurance explicitly mentioning "the practice of kitesurfing in school" is therefore required when booking within our school.

If your home insurer is unable to issue you such a certificate, we recommend that you take out specific insurance with AFKite (Association Française de Kite).

This subscription must be effective before the start of the lessons. It can be made online on the AF Kite website (Aviation Insurance and Sports Risks|FRANCE|AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES) using school code 33001.

Several types of insurance will be offered to you, for prices between 8€ (day) and 35€ (practice in school and free for 12 months).


In the event of breakage or loss of equipment due to non-compliance with the instructor's instructions and reminders, a financial contribution will be requested from the author of the repairs or replacement of the latter.


Due to the customer
Cancellation request at least 7 days before the course date: the deposit will be fully refunded
Cancellation request less than 7 days before the course date: the deposit will be retained by the school.

Any session or course started is due in full, except in the event of cancellation on our part.

Due to school

The school reserves (until the time of the lesson) the right to cancel or shorten a lesson if it considers that the conditions are not favorable or do not allow the setting up of kitesurfing teaching sessions (wind too weak, too strong, storm, etc.). Depending on the case, a postponement or cancellation will be offered with total or partial refund of the service depending on what has already been done.​


Gift vouchers are only valid in the year of their issue.

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